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The pictures above are a sampling of my work, the grand piano was almost 100 years old, a family heirloom when an ice dam caused the roof to leak on it. It was in the shop a little over a year drying out & being completely rebuilt & refinished. The cord visible in the one photo is the humidity control system installed after it's return! The last 2 pictures are of the carbon fiber parts & new hammers installed in the grand pianos at Logan Middle school & Logan High School when I replaced those parts & regulated them along with other necessary repairs.

I also offer a complete line of cleaning & polishing supplies, polishes, key cleaner, bench pads in many colors to match any decor, benches in several wood finishes as well as black, piano lights, fall board locks, dollies & piano covers. Ask to see the catalog while i'm at your home tuning!

Customers are always welcome to visit my shop to see how a restoration/reconditioning is done or to talk about their piano, just call first, make sure I'm in the shop! 608-786-4404